Our Vision Slogan

Live Life With Us


Our Mission

Niagara United Mennonite Church is called to be servants of Christ in our Community..


Core Values Statement

At our core, we are ANABAPTIST CHRIST-FOLLOWERS, BUILDING God’s church, GROWING God’s Kingdom, and learning  in a changing world.


Core Values

1.    Anabaptist

As a Mennonite church we are committed to teaching and living out an Anabaptist understanding of the Christian faith.  Which includes CORE CONVICTIONS: Adult Believers Baptism, Non-Resistance, Radical Discipleship, Community Life, Service, and others.


2.    Christ-Followers

Jesus Christ is the head of our church and we seek to follow Him in all we do.

We learn about Christ through the inspired word of God (Bible), and are led by God’s Holy Spirit to discern together what Christ is calling us to be and do.


3.    Building 

We value and care for all ages and are passionate about making disciples by nurturing Christian character, identifying and releasing the gifts of everyone, and developing leaders.


4.    Growing 

We reach out with God’s love by sharing our faith with our neighbor and living out a ‘true evangelical faith’ in our community and around the world.


5.    Learning 

In an ever changing world we are committed to being a community that can learn; therefore, while we desire to be rooted in our past we will shoot new branches into areas of opportunity.  As we engage new challenges we learn more about our role, or we learn we have a new thing to say, or a new action to do, a new form of the familiar mission to grow into.