We are Called…

We are followers of Jesus Christ, having worshiped God together for many years. In 1934 Mennonites came to the Niagara Peninsula and settled on farms in this area. Initially they gathered in private homes for worship until they were able to construct a church building. While we have a history as Mennonite people, we are first followers of Jesus and we welcome anyone who desires to follow him, or even just find out more about who Jesus is, to join us.

…to be Servants of Christ…

Our church is involved in missions both locally and around the world. We believe that God’s desire for us is to serve him in whatever way he shows us to. None of us have learned this perfectly, but we do desire to grow in our relationship with him.

We serve God out of love for him because we know that our salvation is in Jesus Christ, who made the sacrificial gift to us of dying for our sins. It is in his name that we come together and serve together.

…in Our Community.

That means you – whoever you are. Our community is anyone with whom we come in contact – in a store, at work, at school, or in our church building. May you feel welcome to join us for fellowship and community and growing together in our walk with God.


Who are the Mennonites? Watch this short video produced by Third Way Media to get a glimpse into the Mennonite history, beliefs and culture:

Who Are The Mennonites?