So you have kids from Grades 6-8 and you need at least one night where you can get them out of the house and enjoy even a brief time of peace and solitude!  That’s why we have a Jr Youth program here at NUMC!

Send us your kids each Wednesday night from 7:00pm-8:30pm here at our church building where we have tons of games, activities, and things for them to do!

Each week, we have some new creative and active games for them to play.  We also take some time each week to learn a bit about God, the Bible, Jesus, and how your kids can start learning about a life of faith using the One Story curriculum produced by Jesus Collective.

All of our leaders and volunteers are trained and certified using Plan to Protectand we place a big emphasis on energetic and fun activities that stimulate your kids minds on life with each other, with their community, with their families, and with God!

But don’t take our word for it!  Listen to what other parents have to say about our program:

“My kids come home each week from Jr Youth extremely sweaty and exhausted!  Thanks, Jr Youth!” – a parent who just wants a quiet house at 9:00pm

“I didn’t know my kids could sing a high-pitched C note, but then I heard them scream at Jr Youth and now they have a promising singing career ahead of them!” – a parent who used to be able to hear

“Each week, I hear about how my kids can’t stop playing Monkey in the Middle and Hide and Seek!  What year is this?” – a parent who thought they were living in the 21st century

To find out more about our program or how to drop in on Wednesday nights, send our Youth Pastor Chris an e-mail at [email protected].