Pastor Waldo Pauls

Adopting the adage that “variety is the spice of life” Waldo has viewed ministry assignments as seasons to match his gifts with needs. With that came the experience of new people and challenges to explore. After graduating from seminary in 1976 he has pastored five churches across three provinces over the next 42 years. His most recent role was as the Lead Chaplain in a senior’s complex.

Growing up on a farm enabled him to be adaptable and refreshment times between churches found him working as a car salesman, an installation manager at a cabinet company and running a 50 bed guesthouse in Haiti along with his wife Pam. They have two children and three grandchildren and enjoy time with their family.

In this latest season of life golf and travel have occupied some of their retirement time. However, since Waldo believes that there is never a retirement from the Christian life he has returned to part time ministry as there was a need presented that seemed to fit his gifting. Pray for a new pastor so that he can retire for a third time.