Hi Everyone! Still hanging in? What a season! The resources below continue to be our go-to's for this season. Take a listen to Brad G's worship music, and explore some fantastic lessons put out by the Meeting House! And if you're still searching for something fun, why not search the house in the Family Scavenger Hunt? Any questions, feel free to connect with Ellery Rauwerda:  Keep well!

Kids Worship Music by Brad G! 
Not your average kids worship music! Brad G creates music that is fun for all ages, and super catchy! Great videos, great lyrics, great melodies - just lots of fun! Enjoy them here.

The Meeting House:
The Parent Blog:  a Church at Home blog that includes all of the materials relevant to the upcoming Sunday's teaching, including kids stuff!

YouTube: All of our curriculum videos are available on The Meeting House YouTube channel.

Website:  Anyone is welcome to create an account on our website (parents too!) and access all of the materials we produce.

Just for Fun!
Looking for something fun to fill some time? Try out a Family Scavenger Hunt: Click Here

Mennonite Central Committee:
Resources for a Time of Uncertainty: This collection of resources lets families explore the world through food, stories, videos and more! 



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