I know what you’re thinking!  I need something to do on a Friday night and I’m in Grade 9-12 in my local high school!  I live a boring life and I need more zaniness, or I just might not survive my school week!

Look no further than our Sr Youth here at NUMC!  Each Friday from 7-10pm, we get together here at our church building to have fun, build relationships, and learn more about God and how the teachings of Jesus change our lives.

Sometimes the fun looks like re-enacting medieval games with water balloons and pool noodles!  Sometimes the fun looks like reciting poetry like a caveman while avoiding getting hit by an inflated club!  Ok, we don’t always try to hit people with things, but we do like to have extraordinary fun!

Our students come from all walks of life and from all over our local community.  Feel like you don’t really fit into a lot of places?  We’d love to have you come and hang out with us!

We also think that Jesus has some incredible things to teach us; especially when it comes to living a simple life that takes care of the earth, serves others, and works for peace in our everyday lives and in the world.  We think you’ll really enjoy hearing what he has to say too!

Contact Chris at chris@redbrickchurch to find out how you can join us for the fun this week!