There are many ways to join us this Advent season!

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Find us on Cogeco Channel 10 at 10:30 on Sunday mornings (alternating German & English services).

Join in at Pleasant Manor at 10:00AM for German services and at 11:00AM for English services.

All services will be provided online on our Sermons Page each week.


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November 29 ~ First Advent: On the road to Readiness

What does readiness look like? How might we prepare ourselves to receive the One sent to save us?
May our heart's desire be to make space to receive the gift God has sent.


November 29 ~ First Advent: German Service

Der Heiland kommt zu uns! Wir zünden die erste Adventskerze an, u. feiern das heilige Abendmahl
In Person & Online


December 6 - Second Advent: On the road to Repentance

When the heart is moving in readiness, there is an openness to the "new" - perhaps the fresh thing God wants to do.
To embrace the new requires letting go of the past.
Repentance means we are letting go and making space for God's new work in us.
In Person & Online


December 13 - Third Advent: On the road to Restoration

The gift offered to the repentant is restoration.
The road to restoration is a journey toward wholeness in body, soul and spirit.


December 13 - Third Advent: German Service

Das Heil steht an der Tür! Wir zünden die dritte Adventskerze an, und bereiten unsere Herzen auf sein Kommen.
In Person & Online


December 20 - Fourth Advent: On the road to Revelation

On the road to revelation, if we have faith and a willing spirit, God will show us the way.
God's word to us is, "I am with you; do not be afraid"
In Person & Online


December 24 ~ Christmas: On the road to Rejoicing

Walking the road of revelations results in overwhelming joy. The waiting is over. Jesus has come!
We rejoice in the incarnation, God in the flesh, God with us!
In-Person & Live-streamed Online ** at 7:00 PM**


December 27 ~ Christmas: German Service

Christ der Retter ist da!
Diese Andacht wird am 24.12. gepostet werden, damit man sie zu jeder Zeit in den Festtagen schauen kann.


January 3 - Epiphany: On the road to Radiance

Jesus, Light of the World, has come and shed light on our journey.
We are radiant in the light of His love and grace.
In Person & Online