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You'll find everything you need right here to join in with us as we unbox Red Brick Kids this coming year! This may be a year full of uncertainty, but we're here to walk this journey together as we build families full of faith, hope and love through it all! We'd love to have you join us each week!

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Welcome to Week 4!
We've reached the end of our first set.

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A word from Ellery on this week's theme: sin. 

I find that I bristle at the word sin. I struggle with the condemnation that it seems to carry. I imagine others may feel that way too. To borrow some wisdom from Franciscan Monk Richard Rohr, "The word “sin” as we now use it is very problematic. It shames, but it does not enlighten or invite, which means it does not really help or change people." (reference). We may view sin simply as "bad things we shouldn't do." Rohr invites us to consider sin as separation from God, and sinful acts as those that keep us from getting closer to God. From this viewpoint, perhaps we can see how sin is not about simply making sure we do what is "right" and don't do what is "wrong." It's about keeping connected with God. Jesus does a great job of showing us the way, grounded not in shame but in love love love.



Check out this week's video HERE!

  1. When you hear the word "sin", what do you think of? Why?
  2. In the video, the hosts mention the idea that sin is missing God's best for us. What do you think God's BEST for us means?
  3. Can you think of something that makes you feel far away from God? (IE: far away from feeling love and joy and peace?) Could that thing be a sin? Bring that thing to God in a prayer and look for God's forgiveness and light and love to fill you right up.

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Kids Worship Music by Brad G! 

Not your average kids worship music! Brad G creates music that is fun for all ages, and super catchy! Great videos, great lyrics, great melodies - just lots of fun! Enjoy them here.

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