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You'll find everything you need right here to join in with us as we unbox Red Brick Kids this coming year! This may be a year full of uncertainty, but we're here to walk this journey together as we build families full of faith, hope and love through it all! We'd love to have you join us each week!

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Hey Families!

Welcome to week 2 of our current series, titled Luke: Rescue

This week's BIG IDEA is that Jesus is the main character in God's story

Check out this week's video HERE!


  1. What does it mean to put others first?
  2. Do you know anyone who is always thinking about and caring for other people? Who is it? What kinds of things do they do to show that they put others first?
  3. What kinds of things can you do to put someone else first? Why might we choose to do that?

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Kids Worship Music by Brad G! 

Not your average kids worship music! Brad G creates music that is fun for all ages, and super catchy! Great videos, great lyrics, great melodies - just lots of fun! Enjoy them here.

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