Church works best when we’re relating with one another!  Church isn’t about rituals or performances, but it IS about relationships!  It’s great to sing songs together and hear one person speak on a Sunday morning, but the teachings of Jesus are best experienced when we sit in a circle; share our lives together; enjoy good fun and meals with one another; and serve others in need.

That’s why we have home church!  Home churches are groups of about 6-20 people from all generations and walks of life who meet together once a week to have some sort of spiritual conversation together, pray, enjoy good snacks, and come up with ideas for how to have fun together and serve others.

Are you looking to connect with others and build relationships in our church?  Do you have some great ideas for ways we could be examples of kindness and compassion in our larger community?  Are you hoping to learn more about faith and how to practically live your faith out?

Then contact John Tiessen to find out how you can join a home church!