Please see the "With Deepest Sympathy" package and then complete as much information as possible.



    The Pastor will speak with you separately about the memorial service program.



    Every year on Eternity Sunday, we remember those who have gone before us. Part of our Sunday morning service includes a slideshow, in memory of those we have lost in the past year. In preparation for Eternity Sunday, please send us:

    1. Photos:
    Please send us 1-3 photos of your loved one, keeping the following in mind:
    • the photo(s) can be casual, the way you remember your loved one (ex. a photo of dad in his hockey gear, a photo of mom enjoying a cup of coffee, playing with grandchildren etc.)
    • the photo(s) should be somewhat close up, so the face of your loved one is clearly visible
    • while there can of course be other people in the photos, please no large group photos

    2. A Written Thought:
    Please send us a one-sentence thought about your loved one to be included in the slideshow ex:
    • “Dad’s faith carried him through hard times, and set an example for the whole family”
    • “Mom will be remembered for her kind heart and warm smile”
    • “Grandpa was always willing to lend a helping hand”
    • “No matter what happened, Grandma always knew that God had a purpose for her life”