Rachael Peters

Rachael is thrilled to join the staff at the Red Brick Church after quite a long personal (and church-wide!) discernment process.

Rachael attended the University of Western Ontario and has an Honours Degree in Music Education, with a focus on the piano and choral conducting. She also completed a Masters degree in Education at Niagara University. After a few years of supply teaching with the DSBN, Rachael changed her career focus (long story — ask her about it!) and began working as the Administrative Coordinator for Music Niagara. Over the next four years, Rachael was key in the organization of almost 200 concerts and fundraising events.

Rachael and her husband Dave recently purchased their first home in Thorold, and are loving their fixer upper. (…Most of the time!) She has a newly acquired green thumb, or ‘green, green thumb’ if you will. Rachael enjoys camping with Dave in their teeny tiny tent, visiting with friends and family, and she just can’t get enough making music. Whether participating in fundraising concerts, planning Sunday morning worship, or just sitting down at the piano and playing for no purpose at all, Rachael finds soul satisfaction in it all.

Rachael has a particularly keen interest in bridging the gap between traditional chorale-style sacred music and contemporary Christian music. She hopes to one day work up the gumption to sit down with her sheet music scribbles and finish one of her many work-in-progress choral arrangements.